Book: Burning the Picket Fence

Burning the Picket Fence

It was not until my husband was missing that I realized how important my relationship with God was and how important it is to have this relationship. I needed to be able to function as a mom in a time when it was hard to function as a person. This story covers a large span of my life, from being bullied and tormented in Jr High into high school. Becoming a single mom with low self-esteem. My husbands adultery and my struggle with weight. It is a story of betrayal, redemption and hope.

Book: Positive, A Story of Hope

Positive, A Story of Hope

Positive, A Story of Hope is here today because of the many people who were brave enough to tell us their stories. These lives were changed when they received a Positive pregnancy test and came to a Pregnancy Resource Medical Clinic that we will be referring to as Hope.

Workbook: On a Positive Note

On a Positive Note

Workbook for Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers