What is flutter you ask? In the womb, a heartbeat at 5 1/2 weeks, is fragile and delicate. As It beats, the room stands still and everyone holds their breath. The image of the heartbeat looks like a butterfly, fluttering its wings.

A single flutter can change the world.  A scared young lady sees the fluttering for the first time. Tears run down her face and she realizes at that moment, this is a child, her child. Knowing that God gently placed her there for protection.

Each time a pregnancy center does an ultrasound, it is a divine appointment orchestrated by God. It gives her a chance to choose life, to have hope and to be supported and loved. Flutter was born because there are many ultrasounds that we cannot use in the United States because of insurance reasons. When I was speaking in California, God spoke to my heart. He said “I put those ultrasound machines in the closet for you”.  Send them Africa Haiti Lithuania and Albania.

The need is great, the blessings are abundant, the vision is real!  Helping these girls choose life by seeing the flutter of a heartbeat will change the world.