Vision: A world where every pregnant girl in every nation has access to ultrasounds.

Mission: That Flutter inc. will provide prolife pregnancy centers in developing countries with recycled ultrasound machines and training.


Zechariah 8:5

The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there.

Get to know the Flutter Team

CEO: Karla Sutter

President: Barbie Potter

Vice President: Barbara Frost

Treasurer: Lauralee Alberda

Secretary : Sarah Rider

Board Members:  Tom Dilly, Shara Pierce

Medical Advisor: Kim Hardy MA, RT,RDMS

Team Members: Pamela Rider, Christy Bollin, Gillian Zohne, Kailey Ruff

Karla Sutter Founder and CEO of Flutter inc. Her passion is that every girl with a unplanned pregnancy from every nation will receive a free ultrasound scan. She has always had unyielding passion for the unborn and the girls having to choose.  It was this desire that  led Karla to start Flutter inc. Karla has a powerful and effective ask and will  help your donors see the importance and necessity your center going medical.

Karla was the Executive Director of a Center that started in a basement and was only seeing 20 girls a year, now is seeing over 700 and moved to the college campus. The budget at her center went from $20,000 a year to $450,000. She is a author of ” Positive. A Story of Hope” and Flutter, a children’s book.